Envisage the magnificent dancers in their prolific display of tartans. The dancers will provide a colourful exhibition for your event, to a multitude of traditional highland and/or modern music.

The dancers will deliver a complete Highland Dancing package tailored for your event.  Dancing in traditional costume and music, or in outfits designed to suit your individual event. Traditional dances or exciting modern choreography can be requested as required. The full range of traditional dances have been perfected for display; Scottish Highland, the well-known Highland Fling, Sword Dance to Strathspey and Reels and Scottish National; from the Scottish Lilt to Sailor’s Hornpipe.

The talented dancers are recognised for their dedication and adaptability at all events, and will without doubt provide an excellent evening of the highest quality Scottish Highland and National dancing.

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We have danced at many events with the  infamous "Spud the Piper". Spud is an excellent piper and entertainer available for hire. Check out his website for more exciting information on Spud .