Highland dancing,  according to tradition the old kings and clan chiefs used the Highland Games as a means to select their best men at arms, and the discipline required to perform the Highland dances allowed men to demonstrate their strength, stamina and agility. This form of dancing can strengthen the arms legs feet and core muscles.   Dancing as 6 step fling can burn the same amount of calories as running a mile or an hours class can burn on average the same amount of calories a footballer would burn in an hour!  Pam Dignan Dancers have about 150 dancers.


Our highland dance classes teach the highland fling, sword dance, sean truibhas, and reel of Tulloch and strathspey reel.  We also teach the Scottish national dances which are Flora McDonalds Fancy, the Scottish Lilt, Village Maid, Barracks Johnnie, Earl of Errol etc  and also the Cake walk, Irish Jig and Sailor’s Hornipe.

The annual concert is normally held in the autumn time and dancers perform their class routines.   We spend some class time preparing our highland/national dances and choreography dances throughout the year in preparation for the annual concert.

We have around 15 dancers who can teach for Pam when required, most of them having danced with Pam from an early age.